Community of Holiday Beach, Texas




HBPOA is in need of members to serve on the Board of Directors. Below are the vacancies and duties as decribed in the By-laws.


If interested please email your name and contact information to


Director - Subdivision Restrictions
The Director - Subdivision Restrictions shall review violations of the subdivision restrictions. Will verify, conduct an appropriate investigation, attempt resolution and refer to the President and/or the Board of Directors for a confirmation of the action recommended. This Director will also review all applications for building in the subdivision to insure the proposed structure is in compliance with the Subdivision restrictions for the section that the structure is being built. Approve or disapprove the plans and submit to the President for approval or disapproval and notification of the property owner. If the Director is unable to reach a resolution and requires additional assistance, the Director will request the President to appoint a committee to further examine the issue.
ONE position of two - Representatives at Large
These positions shall be non-voting members and shall be allowed to participate in all meetings of the board of Directors. Should a member of the Board of Directors leave for any reason, then one of these two Representatives at Large shall be appointed to fulfill the term of the leaving Director or Officer. These members may assist other Board Members, serve on committees or other responsibilities as deemed necessary by the President.